PEMF works!

Recently my Frenchie was ill for a few weeks and the vet couldn’t figure out why her appetite was so low.  She was barely eating.  After trying all the normal stuff, a friend gave me the number of a local business here in Seattle, Pacific Pulse Centers.

I had no idea was PEMF was or how it worked, but Tony at Pacific Pulse Centers offered to treat my girl with their PEMF machine.  He took the time to explain to me fully what PEMF is and our girls received her treatment!

Within 20 minutes our girl seemed much better, and after a couple of treatments she was back to her old self!  A huge thanks to Tony at Pacific Pulse Centers and PEMF!


Why you should never buy a dog from a puppy mill

Good health is an issue of high concern to any living being. However, to the puppy mill operators, this is not the case. Their goal is to raise as many dogs as possible in a bid to make profits. Therefore, there are always too many dogs in number and/or they are subjected to congested conditions and highly restricted cages. Such poor health conditions expose can expose your potential puppy to health risks and psychological stress too.
Majority of dogs in puppy mills are ill-bred. Since their aim is to sell as many dogs and possible and make profits, the dogs are bred from inferior breeds that can be susceptible to diseases. Also due to poor and unsanitary conditions in the puppy mills, majority of the dogs are sick. This could lead to spreading of the diseases to your existing pets. Some conditions such as rabies would be more hazardous to the whole family.
Another downside to puppy mills is poor training. A poorly trained dog maintains a poor state. If the puppy does not train the puppy correctly you could bring home a puppy that will destroy your carpets within the first day of being home. The people at these facilities usually have no time to train all the available dogs.
Puppies from puppy mills can also be unsafe for the children. These dogs are not accustomed to playing with people. Such dogs may be aggressive and bite when approached. Children being playful in nature will always try to play with the dog. This may lead to a dog biting the child, and if the dog was sick, the child may end up contracting the disease.
In conclusion, it is important to buy dogs from authorized and certified sellers.

French Bulldog Rescue Network

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. First off, to let anyone considering owning a Frenchie, you should check with them first and consider adopting from them. No, they might not have super cute puppies, but they do have loving dogs who desperately need a home.
Second, they are awesome! They save the lives of so many cool and amazing dogs! I have followed them for years and donated to many of their fundraising efforts. They are just awesome people!

French Bulldog Rescue Network

Not everyone can adopt a Frenchie, but PLEASE consider sponsoring a Foster Frenchie! SPONSOR A FRENCHIE!

French Bulldogs for Life

French bulldogs are best described as tough and compact dogs. They have been popularly known as family pets for a very long time. These dogs are a combination of French and English breeds. In late 1800, this type of breed was very popular in France and it was this time when it was introduced in North America.

French Bulldogs are can be small or medium in size but sometimes have a dwarf like appearance. Typically, they are broad shouldered, thick around the neck area, have a deep chest and their muscles are more developed. Their body coat is normally fawn, white or brindle in color.

This is a good example of their playfulness:

 The reason why they are a darling to many is because French Bulldogs have an affectionate as well as energetic personality. They also make wonderful family pets because they are loving and easy to bond with. French bulldogs enjoy staying close to human beings and their loyalty is what many people like them for.

Another important point is that French Bulldogs do not require much exercises because they have low energy and more so are not sporting dogs. However, despite that they are best kept as pets, they bond well with bigger children and can hardly tolerate the behaviors of very little children

Because of its intelligent and attentive nature, the French Bulldog is easy much easier to train when compared to an English Bulldog. Nonetheless, a lot of people prefer keeping it just as a pet as it does not require much training. In addition, these dogs can cope well with other pets if they are introduced early.

Is a French Bulldog the right breed for you?

Generally, there are a lot of people who really want to have a Frenchies. Some want them for breeding purposes, while among a whole range of other reasons. Despite this urge, there is usually a problem, as many do not know much about these dogs, and as such do not know which breed is the right one for them. In fact, many do not know if the bulldog is the right dog they need. Having some tips before purchasing one will help in determining whether this breed is the right one.

Tip number one has all to do with one’s intentions for rearing the dog. In as much as one might just be interested in breeding because of the financial element that comes with the breeding season, one should also try looking beyond this. If one just wants to breed dogs for cash, then this breed is not the right one for them. In fact, all breeds are not the right ones. True affection should be on the top of the list for why you wish to have a dog. Affection will surely be an asset when breeding the dogs.

The purity of the breed should also guide for you to know that the dog is the right one. Frenchies are of various types, so one needs to exactly identify the species of the dog they are rearing so as to avoid complications. Knowing this will be an indicator of the fact that the breed is the right one for the owner, since they are well aware of what the dogs really need and as such can care for them.

For one to conclude that the breed is the right one, they need to have a medical checkup they should ensure that their dogs are medically fit. Paying the vet a brief visit to talk as to what you want to do and ensure they give you the right information. Thinking about what one wants to do before actually doing it in terms of breeding will in the long run save one a lot of trouble. Involving the right people in the procedure is a necessary. If one correctly follows these tips, then the bulldogs will be rightly theirs for the caring.