Why you should never buy a dog from a puppy mill

Good health is an issue of high concern to any living being. However, to the puppy mill operators, this is not the case. Their goal is to raise as many dogs as possible in a bid to make profits. Therefore, there are always too many dogs in number and/or they are subjected to congested conditions and highly restricted cages. Such poor health conditions expose can expose your potential puppy to health risks and psychological stress too.
Majority of dogs in puppy mills are ill-bred. Since their aim is to sell as many dogs and possible and make profits, the dogs are bred from inferior breeds that can be susceptible to diseases. Also due to poor and unsanitary conditions in the puppy mills, majority of the dogs are sick. This could lead to spreading of the diseases to your existing pets. Some conditions such as rabies would be more hazardous to the whole family.
Another downside to puppy mills is poor training. A poorly trained dog maintains a poor state. If the puppy does not train the puppy correctly you could bring home a puppy that will destroy your carpets within the first day of being home. The people at these facilities usually have no time to train all the available dogs.
Puppies from puppy mills can also be unsafe for the children. These dogs are not accustomed to playing with people. Such dogs may be aggressive and bite when approached. Children being playful in nature will always try to play with the dog. This may lead to a dog biting the child, and if the dog was sick, the child may end up contracting the disease.
In conclusion, it is important to buy dogs from authorized and certified sellers.