French Bulldogs for Life

French bulldogs are best described as tough and compact dogs. They have been popularly known as family pets for a very long time. These dogs are a combination of French and English breeds. In late 1800, this type of breed was very popular in France and it was this time when it was introduced in North America.

French Bulldogs are can be small or medium in size but sometimes have a dwarf like appearance. Typically, they are broad shouldered, thick around the neck area, have a deep chest and their muscles are more developed. Their body coat is normally fawn, white or brindle in color.

This is a good example of their playfulness:

 The reason why they are a darling to many is because French Bulldogs have an affectionate as well as energetic personality. They also make wonderful family pets because they are loving and easy to bond with. French bulldogs enjoy staying close to human beings and their loyalty is what many people like them for.

Another important point is that French Bulldogs do not require much exercises because they have low energy and more so are not sporting dogs. However, despite that they are best kept as pets, they bond well with bigger children and can hardly tolerate the behaviors of very little children

Because of its intelligent and attentive nature, the French Bulldog is easy much easier to train when compared to an English Bulldog. Nonetheless, a lot of people prefer keeping it just as a pet as it does not require much training. In addition, these dogs can cope well with other pets if they are introduced early.