Caring for a French Bulldog

If you have a high level of commitment and the enthusiasm, taking care of a French bulldog can prove to be fun. You will find that Frenchies are fun to walk with, respectful, and do not have a care in the world.

To start out, one of the things you should do is buy a collar. The collars should have tags and they should have your name and contact information inscribed on them. The dogs need to be licensed and taken to the local human society offices for registration. This is necessary because dogs can get lost on a daily basis. If yours happens to get lost, it will be easy to trace it back to you

The food given to the Frenchies need to be quality food. The cheap food brands should be avoided at all costs because they contain additives which will in all likelihood destroy the dog. It is recommended to give them a bowl of food daily. The quantity should be carefully watched, as too much will lead to the dog becoming overweight, a condition that can be dangerous for the dog.

A Frenchies need exercise daily. When they are healthy and in good shape, then they will live for a long, happy time. Owners can take the dog out for walks in the woods, mountains, or just round the block. Anything will help.  When caring for a Frenchie, it is important not to overlook the personal hygiene of the dog. This breed drools frequently, and so you should use a warm cloth to clean it: neck and face, and ensuring to clean all the folds and even the creases. It is important to bathe the dogs using hot water as regularly as possible, with shampoos manufactured for dogs. The teeth need to be cleaned at an interval of once a week. Also you ensure you pay the vets regular visits for checkups.


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