Have you seen this?

Check out this video of this poor puppy that can’t roll over! It’s sad but funny at the same time!


Did you know?

Did you know that French Bulldogs first became popular in the 1800’s when workers from England were displaced to France by the Industrial Revolution. They brought these “miniature” bulldogs with them, that soon gained popularity among the French. Thus gaining the name French Bulldogs!

My first post!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amy and this is my first post here on French Bulldogs for life. I’ve created this blog because I love my frenchie named Cocoa! She is 8 years old and I absolutely love her. She is like my child. Since getting her I’ve learned a lot about French Bulldogs that I want to share with other French Bulldog owners. Every dog is unique but there are somethings that they just have in common that would be great for everyone to know about!